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Takumi Shibata

Founding Partner

Global investment banker and asset manager with experience of managing Nomura group as COO, Nomura International as European CEO, Nomura Asset Management as CEO and Nikko Asset Management as CEO


Tokihiko Shimizu

Founding Partner

Seasoned venture capitalist rich with experience in growth-stage investments and VC fund formation.  Formerly head of investment strategies at GPIF, Managing Director of Japan Post Bank and CEO of JP Investment Company

Ryu Jubishi


Expert in Japanʼs pension fund system with high level assignments including Executive Director and Investment Officer of National Pension Fund Association, Director of Japan Pension Service, and Director of Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF).

Masanobu Tsuchiya

experienced in corprate turnaround and cross-boder M&A at a major retail holding company as well as an outside advisor


Kunitaka Ueno

Portfolio manager with experience in both the public and private space. Ex-investment banker with experience in cross-border M&A transactions in tech and healthcare industries. Based in Singapore



Masanori Fukushima, MD, Ph.D

Japan’s foremost expert in translational research in medicine.  Helped the formation of huge national R&D pipelines and actual introduction of medical products with specific target population

Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University

Former President, Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation


Hiroaki Ohta, Ph.D

Rich insight in physics technology and management experience in startups.
Formerly assistant professor at Kyoto University, researcher at University of California Santa Barbara, consultant at McKinsey, CEO of ACSL, currently General Partner of Waseda University Ventures Inc.

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