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Fiducia’s Mission

Fiducia bridges real technology startups to global successes.
  1. Create world class real tech fund
    •To act as seamless link of finance and Industry
    •To help create deep and diverse VC fund universe
    •To build eco-system for growth investors for growth stage companies

  2. Invest in real tech companies to solve global social challenges
    •Providing strategic support, e.g., middle stage capital raising, and  follow-on investment
    •To allow growth stage companies beyond infection points

  3. Help growth stage companies to fill management gaps
    •In areas such as business management, sales and marketing and finance

Fiducia as a group of seasoned professionals to partner with growth-stage companies


Experienced professionals to support and execute optimal capital raising strategies with full knowledge of global capital markets, network of scientists with deep understanding of technology, and experienced experts in business management and turnaround help you grow your business.

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