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Realizing Social Impact through Tech-driven Economic Growth

Fiducia’s Purpose

Fiducia finds two major investment opportunities in Japan

(1) Early growth investment opportunities with next-stage technological innovators

(2) Medical breakthrough producers thriving under academic-friendly health regulatory framework

Japan has world-class real technology and engineering innovators, and medical breakthrough producers, at many centers of excellence in universities, research institutes, and small businesses.  They are found in many mid-sized cities and therefore do no attract attentions from global investors.

Those innovators and change makers are short of access to capital for growth, managerial and capital structuring expertise, and networks for globalization.

Fiducia aspires to bring answers to these three challenges - capital, managerial and capital structuring expertise and global networking, and to produce returns to investors

Fiducia as a group of seasoned professionals to partner with growth-stage companies

Experienced professionals to support and execute optimal capital raising strategies with full knowledge of global capital markets, network of scientists with deep understanding of technology, and experienced experts in business management and turnaround help you grow your business.

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